Differences Among Intel SoC Device Families

ID 683648
Date 8/22/2018

Stratix 10 HPS Interface to SDM

Secure Device Feature Cyclone V SoC Arria V SoC Arria 10 SoC Stratix 10 SoC
Secure device manager implemented No No No Yes

The SDM is a hard subsystem in the FPGA portion of the Stratix 10 device that is responsible for:

  • Configuring the FPGA
  • Bootstrapping the HPS
  • Providing device-wide security features

The SDM is responsible for copying the HPS bootloader6 from its flash storage device to the on-chip RAM inside the HPS. Since the SDM is also used for configuration, the HPS can request that the SDM configure or reconfigure the FPGA. The SDM and HPS communicate with one another through the SDM interface, which is a bridge that exposes the address map of each subsystem to the other.

6 typically U-Boot or Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)