Arria 10 GX Transceiver Signal Integrity Development Kit User Guide

ID 683553
Date 8/08/2017
Document Table of Contents

A.1. CFI Flash Memory Map

The table below shows the default memory contents of the two 1-Gb CFI flash devices. For the Board Update Portal to run correctly and update designs in the user memory, this memory map must not be altered.

Table 27.  Byte Address Flash Memory Map
Block Description Size Address
Board Test System 512 KB 0x09F4.0000 - 09FB.FFFF
User Software 14,336 KB 0x0914.0000 - 09F3.FFFF
Factory Software 8,192 KB 0x0894.0000 - 0913.FFFF
zipfs 8,192 KB 0x0814.0000 - 0893.FFFF
User Hardware 2 44,032 KB 0x0564.0000 - 0813.FFFF
User Hardware 1 44,032 KB 0x02B4.0000 - 0563.FFFF
Factory Hardware 44,032 KB 0x0004.0000 - 02B3.FFFF
PFL Option Bits 64 KB 0x0003.0000 - 0003.FFFF
Board Information 64 KB 0x0002.0000 - 0002.FFFF
Ethernet Option Bits 64 KB 0x0001.0000 - 0001.FFFF
User Design Reset 64 KB 0x0000.0000 - 0000.FFFF
Attention: Intel recommends that you do not overwrite the factory hardware and factory software images unless you are an expert with the Intel tools.