Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

ID 683432
Date 10/04/2021

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2.9.8. Procedures

Use the proc command to define a Tcl procedure (known as a subroutine or function in other scripting and programming languages). The scope of variables in a procedure is local to the procedure. If the procedure returns a value, use the return command to return the value from the procedure. The following example defines a procedure that multiplies two numbers and returns the result.

 Simple Procedure

proc multiply { x y } {
	set product [expr { $x * $y }]
	return $product

The following example shows how to use the multiply procedure in your code. You must define a procedure before your script calls it.

 Using a Procedure

proc multiply { x y } {
	set product [expr { $x * $y }]
	return $product
set a 1
set b 2
puts [multiply $a $b]

Define procedures near the beginning of a script. If you want to access global variables in a procedure, use the global command in each procedure that uses a global variable.

 Accessing Global Variables

proc print_global_list_element { i } {
	global my_data
	puts "The list element at index $i is [lindex $my_data $i]"
set my_data { 1 2 3}
print_global_list_element 0