Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

ID 683432
Date 10/04/2021

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1.8.1. --partition Option

The --partition option is for the --simulation top-level argument for quartus_eda. This option selects an individual partition as the netlist output.


The --exclude_sub_partitions flag limits the output to the netlist of this partition only. This flag is only valid when you use the --partition option, this flag outputs the netlist belonging to the partition specified. The software instantiates sub-partitions as separate modules.

For no partition argument, the software writes the entire design out to a single file. The partition argument takes a name of a partition in the design. The sub-option is a flag only and takes no arguments.

When you specify the --exclude_sub_partitions flag, the software only writes out the contents of the selected partition. Sub-partitions are instantiated as separate modules. Each call of quartus_eda writes one netlist. If you write out the design one partition at a time, excluding sub partitions, they need to call quartus_eda for each partition in the design including the root.


You can specify the root_partition flag to get the full design. You can provide the partition option to write to a netlist file (.vo or .vho file). The file contains all the logic and atoms corresponding the contents of the specified partition along with its sub-partition.


Additionally, you have the option to rename a module name in the generated netlist file using the --rename option. By default, the software uses the partition name as the module name in the netlist file. This option is only valid when you use the partition option. You can elect to rename any module using --module_name=abc=xyz --module_name=def=prq. The generated file names format is: <revision>.<module or partition name>.<vo or vho> By default, the software writes the netlist file to the simulation/