Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

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Date 10/04/2021

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1.9. Command-Line Scripting Revision History

The following revision history applies to this chapter:

Table 5.  Document Revision History
Document Version Intel® Quartus® Prime Version Changes
2021.03.29 21.1
  • Added "Resuming a Compilation with quartus_sh --flow"
  • Revised "Check Design File Syntax".
2020.12.14 20.4
  • Updated "Create Device Configuration Files" to include references to the cvp command option and the quartus_pfg command.
2020.04.13 20.1 Added --partition option.
2017.05.08 17.0.0
  • Reorganized content on topics: Benefits of Command-Line Executables and Project Settings with Command-Line Options.
  • Removed mentions to unsupported executables and options.
  • Removed topics: Introductory Example and Common Scripting Examples
2016.10.31 16.1.0
  • Implemented Intel rebranding.
2015.11.02 15.1.0 Changed instances of Quartus II to Quartus Prime.
2015.05.04 15.0.0 Remove descriptions of makefile support that was removed from software in 14.0.
December 2014 14.1.0 Updated DSE II commands.
June 2014 14.0.0 Updated formatting.
November 2013 13.1.0 Removed information about -silnet qmegawiz command
June 2012 12.0.0 Removed survey link.
November 2011 11.0.1 Template update.
May 2011 11.0.0 Corrected quartus_qpf example usage.

Updated examples.

December 2010 10.1.0 Template update.

Added section on using a script to regenerate megafunction variations.

Removed references to the Classic Timing Analyzer (quartus_tan).

Removed Qflow illustration.

July 2010 10.0.0 Updated script examples to use quartus_sta instead of quartus_tan, and other minor updates throughout document.
November 2009 9.1.0 Updated Table 2–1 to add quartus_jli and quartus_jbcc executables and descriptions, and other minor updates throughout document.
March 2009 9.0.0 No change to content.
November 2008 8.1.0 Added the following sections:
  • “The MegaWizard Plug-In Manager” on page 2–11

    “Command-Line Support” on page 2–12

    “Module and Wizard Names” on page 2–13

    “Ports and Parameters” on page 2–14

    “Invalid Configurations” on page 2–15

    “Strategies to Determine Port and Parameter Values” on page 2–15

    “Optional Files” on page 2–15

    “Parameter File” on page 2–16

    “Working Directory” on page 2–17

    “Variation File Name” on page 2–17

  • “Create a Compressed Configuration File” on page 2–21
  • Updated “Option Precedence” on page 2–5 to clarify how to control precedence
  • Corrected Example 2–5 on page 2–8
  • Changed Example 2–1, Example 2–2, Example 2–4, and Example 2–7 to use the EP1C12F256C6 device
  • Minor editorial updates
  • Updated entire chapter using 8½” × 11” chapter template
May 2008 8.0.0
  • Updated “Referenced Documents” on page 2–20.
  • Updated references in document.