Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

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Date 10/04/2021

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2.3. Intel® Quartus® Prime Tcl Packages

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software groups Tcl commands into packages by function.
Note: Refer to TCL Commands and Packages for a comprehensive reference of all Intel® Quartus® Prime Tcl packages and commands.
Table 6.   Intel® Quartus® Prime Tcl Packages
Package Name Package Description
backannotate Back-annotate the Compiler's assignments.
bpps Floorplan IP interfaces and other device resources in Interface Planner.
chip_planner Identify and modify resource usage and routing with the Chip Planner.
design Manipulate project databases, including the assignments database, to enable the creation of instance assignments without modifying the .qsf file.
device Get device and family information from the device database.
dni_sdc Set false path, input delay, or output delay SDC constraints.
drc Interact with Design Assistant design rule checks.
eco Specify engineering change orders after design compilation.
external_memif_toolkit Interact with external memory interfaces and debug components.
fif Contains the set of Tcl functions for using the Fault Injection File (FIF) Driver
flng Query properties of generic objects.
flow Compile a project, run command-line executables, and other compilation flows.
help Tcl command help.
insystem_memory_edit Read and edit memory contents in Intel FPGA devices.
insystem_source_probe Interact with the In-System Sources and Probes tool in an Intel device.
interactive_synthesis Interactive synthesis controls.
ipgen IP generation controls.
iptclgen Memory IP generation controls.
jtag Control the JTAG chain.
logic_analyzer_interface Query and modify the Logic Analyzer Interface output pin state.
misc Perform miscellaneous tasks such as enabling natural bus naming, package loading, and message posting.
names Gets or sets assignment names.
periph Interact with the interface pins.
pfg Controls the Programming File Generator.
project Create and manage projects and revisions, make any project assignments including timing assignments.
project_ui Query the GUI.
qshm Client and server controls.
report Get information from report tables, create custom reports.
rtl Traverse and query the RTL netlist of your design.
sdc Specify constraints and exceptions to the Timing Analyzer.
sdc_ext Intel FPGA-specific SDC commands.
sta Contains the set of Tcl functions for obtaining advanced information from the Timing Analyzer.
stp Run the Signal Tap Logic Analyzer.
tdc Obtain information from the Timing Analyzer.

To keep memory requirements as low as possible, only the minimum number of packages load automatically with each Intel® Quartus® Prime executable. To run commands from other packages, load those packages beforehand.

Run your scripts with executables that include the packages you use in the scripts. For example, to use commands in the sdc_ext package, you must use the quartus_sta executable because quartus_sta is the only executable with support for the sdc_ext package.

The following command prints lists of the packages loaded or available to load for an executable, to the console:

<executable name> --tcl_eval help

For example, type the following command to list the packages loaded or available to load by the quartus_fit executable:

quartus_fit --tcl_eval help

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