Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

ID 683432
Date 10/04/2021

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Document Table of Contents close_session (::quartus::stp)

The following table displays information for the close_session Tcl command:

Tcl Package and Version

Belongs to ::quartus::stp

Syntax close_session [-h | -help] [-long_help]
Arguments -h | -help Short help
  -long_help Long help with examples and possible return values

Saves the current session to the existing Signal Tap File (.stp).

Example Usage
#opens signaltap session
open_session -name stp1.stp

#capture data to log named log1, timeout after 5 seconds if no trigger occurs
if { [catch {run -instance auto_signaltap_0 -signal_set signal_set_1 -trigger trigger_1 -data_log log_1 -timeout 5} err_msg} {
	# Timeout event is thrown as TCL exception
	puts "ERROR: $err_msg"

#close signaltap session
Return Value Code Name Code String Return
TCL_OK 0 INFO: Operation successful
TCL_OK 0 INFO: Session has been saved in Signal Tap File and closed
TCL_ERROR 1 ERROR: Can't open Signal Tap File for writing. Make sure Signal Tap File exists, has write permission, and is not currently being used by another program.
TCL_ERROR 1 ERROR: Session has not been opened. Make sure a session is open before attempting to close it.