Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Scripting

ID 683432
Date 10/04/2021

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1.1. Benefits of Command-Line Executables

Intel® Quartus® Prime command-line executables give you precise control over each step of the design flow, reduce memory requirements, and improve performance.

You can group Intel® Quartus® Prime executable files into a script, batch file, or a makefile to automate design flows. These scripting capabilities facilitate the integration of Intel® Quartus® Prime software and other EDA synthesis, simulation, and verification software. Automatic design flows can perform on multiple computers simultaneously and easily archive and restore projects.

Command-line executables add flexibility without sacrificing the ease-of-use of the Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI. You can use the Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI and command-line executables at different stages in the design flow. For example, you might use the Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI to edit the floorplan for the design, use the command-line executables to perform place-and-route, and return to the Intel® Quartus® Prime GUI to perform debugging.

Command-line executables reduce the amount of memory required during each step in the design flow. Since each executable targets only one step in the design flow, the executables themselves are relatively compact, both in file size and the amount of memory used during processing. This memory usage reduction improves performance, and is particularly beneficial in design environments where heavy usage of computing resources results in reduced memory availability.