Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Standard Edition: Best Practices Guide

ID 683176
Date 9/24/2018
Document Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Standard Edition Best Practices Guide

Updated for:
Intel® Quartus® Prime Design Suite 18.1
The Standard Edition Best Practices Guide provides guidance on leveraging the functionalities of the FPGA Software Development Kit (SDK) for OpenCL™ 1 Standard Edition to optimize your OpenCL 2 applications for FPGA products.

This document assumes that you are familiar with OpenCL concepts and application programming interfaces (APIs), as described in the OpenCL Specification version 1.0 by the Khronos Group™. It also assumes that you have experience in creating OpenCL applications.

To achieve the highest performance of your OpenCL™ application for FPGAs, familiarize yourself with details of the underlying hardware. In addition, understand the compiler optimizations that convert and map your OpenCL application to FPGAs.

For more information on the OpenCL Specification version 1.0, refer to the OpenCL Reference Pages on the Khronos Group website. For detailed information on the OpenCL APIs and programming language, refer to the OpenCL Specification version 1.0.

1 The is based on a published Khronos Specification, and has passed the Khronos Conformance Testing Process. Current conformance status can be found at
2 OpenCL and the OpenCL logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. and used by permission of the Khronos Group™.