Intel® Arria® 10 SX Device Errata and Design Recommendations

ID 683161
Date 8/03/2022
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3.3. SD/MMC Power Enable is Inverted


The SD/MMC power enable was intended to function so that a logic high enabled power to the SD/MMC card and a logic low disabled the power. However, the SD/MMC power enable (SDMMC_PWR_ENA_HPS) and the BSEL[1] signal share the same dedicated I/O pin. When booting from the SD/MMC, BSEL[1] is pulled low during a power-on reset and it prevents the boot ROM from copying the second-stage boot loader from flash into on-chip RAM.


There are three workaround options for this erratum:

  • Force the power enable high on the board.
  • Use a GPIO to control the power enable.
  • Invert the power enable line on the board so that when software disables the power (SDMMC_PWR_ENA_HPS is high), the board inverts the signal to turn off the card.
Note: The second and third workarounds require driver modifications for the SD/MMC.


Affects: Intel® Arria® 10 SX devices

Status: No planned fix