Accelerator Functional Unit Developer’s Guide for Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card

ID 683129
Date 7/20/2020
Document Table of Contents Specify the Build Configuration

The AFU configures the build environments generated by the PIM for simulation with ASE and AF generation with a build configuration file. The build configuration file is a text file created by the AFU designer to specify the following to the PIM:
  • The AFU’s platform configuration file (.json)
  • List of simulation and synthesis source files:
    • RTL source (.v, .sv, .vhd)
    • Platform Designer subsystems (.qsys)
    • IP variants (.ip)
  • List of additional source and constraints used during AF generation:
    • Signal Tap files (.stp)
    • Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition settings (.qsf)
    • Timing constraints (.sdc)
  • List of search paths at simulation or AF generation time
  • List of include files at PIM build environment generation time
    • Reusable submodule (e.g., BBBs) build configuration files
  • Verilog macro definitions

The build configuration file has the following format:
  • Prefixes specify whether a reference is to a simulation or synthesis design file, include file or macro definition.
  • File references can be absolute or relative to the directory containing the build configuration file.
For a full description of the build configuration file format and semantics, check the rtl_src_config command help:
$ rtl_src_config -h
See the following AFU samples located at $OPAE_PLATFORM_ROOT/hw/samples for examples of build configuration files:
  • Simple examples:
    • hello_afu/hw/rtl/filelist.txt
    • hello_mem_afu/hw/rtl/filelist.txt
    • hello_intr_afu/hw/rtl/filelist.txt
  • Examples with IP references and macro definitions:
    • dma_afu/hw/rtl/filelist.txt
    • eth_e2e_e10/hw/rtl/filelist.txt
    • eth_e2e_e40/hw/rtl/filelist.txt
  • Examples with IP references, macro definitions and include references:
    • nlb_mode_0/hw/rtl/filelist_mode_0.txt
    • nlb_mode_0_stp/hw/rtl/filelist_mode_0_stp
The afu_sim_setup and afu_synth_setup use rtl_src_config internally to generate the appropriate fileset. Intel® recommends that you use afu_sim_setup and afu_synth_setup instead of rtl_src_config directly.