Accelerator Functional Unit Developer’s Guide for Intel® FPGA Programmable Acceleration Card

ID 683129
Date 7/20/2020
Document Table of Contents Generate the AF

From the synthesis build directory generated by afu_synth_setup, enter the following command from a terminal window to generate an AF for the target hardware platform:


The AF generation script generates the AF image with the same base filename as the AFU’s platform configuration file with a .gbs suffix.

The script indicates the status of timing closure – make sure the generated AF has no hardware timing violations. Open the dcp.qpf Quartus project file in the Quartus Prime Pro GUI with the synthesis build project’s afu_fit revision to view the details of the timing report and perform interactive timing analysis. The Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition project directory is located in the build subdirectory of the synthesis build environment’s top-level directory specified with the afu_synth_setup command.