Intel® Agilex™ SEU Mitigation User Guide

ID 683128
Date 12/30/2022

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3.2. SmartVID Error Message Bits

The SmartVID error message bits store the error message when the Intel® Agilex™ detects an error in the external voltage regulator.

The SmartVID error message contains information about the type of error and the specific error details. You can retrieve the contents of the error message from the generic_sdm_data_out signal of the Advanced SEU Detection Intel® FPGA IP.

Table 7.  SmartVID Error Message Bits Description
Name Width Bit Description

Sector address

(Most significant 32-bit word in generic_sdm_data_out signal

32 31:8 Reserved
7:4 Error type:
  • 0001—SDM ECC error
  • 0011—SmartVID error
  • Remaining values—reserved
3:0 Reserved

Error data

(Least significant 32-bit word in generic_sdm_data_out signal)

32 31:29 SmartVID error type:
  • 000—fault or warning not listed in the following types
  • 001—communication, memory, or logic fault
  • 010—temperature fault or warning
  • 011—input undervoltage fault
  • 100—output overcurrent fault
  • 101—output overvoltage fault
  • 110—no power to the output of the voltage regulator fault, including the voltage regulator not being enabled
  • 111—device busy and unable to respond
28:12 Reserved
11:0 Specific SmartVID error details:
  • 12'd0—no error
  • 12'd1—NACK on PMBus address
  • 12'd2—NACK on PMBus command
  • 12'd3—NACK on PMBus data or payload
  • 12'd4—NACK on PMBus general call
  • 12'd5—NACK on PMBus general read
  • 12'd6—NACK on PMBus slave abort lost
  • 12'd7—NACK on PMBus master abort lost
  • 12'd8—FPGA user abort error
  • 12'd9—PWRMGT_SDA signal stuck low
  • Remaining values—reserved
Note: When a SmartVID error occurs, Intel® recommends that you check the integrity of the SmartVID signals and the voltage regulator on board.