Intel® Agilex™ SEU Mitigation User Guide

ID 683128
Date 12/30/2022

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Document Table of Contents

7. Document Revision History for the Intel® Agilex™ SEU Mitigation User Guide

Document Version Intel® Quartus® Prime Version Changes
2022.12.30 21.3
  • Added subsection: CRAM Error Detection and Correction.
  • Updated section: Scrubbing.
2022.09.26 21.3
  • Added note in Advanced SEU Detection IP Core.
  • Added note in Minimum SEU interval setting in Intel Quartus Prime SEU Software Settings.
  • Removed the footnote in Table: Advanced SEU Detection Intel® FPGA IP Core Current Release Information.
2021.10.28 21.3
  • Added information about the actual minimum SEU interval being higher than the value you specify.
  • Added support for SDM ECC and SmartVID errors detection.
  • Added steps to inject SDM ECC errors using the command line or the GUI.
  • Added steps to analyze SEU errors using Signal Tap.
2021.07.05 21.2 Updated the Advanced SEU Detection IP core ports.
2021.04.15 21.1
  • Added support for correction of double adjacent errors.
  • Added support for detection of multiple bit errors.
  • Added support for the Advanced SEU Detection Intel® FPGA IP, including IP parameter and ports references.
  • Added support for the Fault Injection Debugger tool, including descriptions of the GUI tool and command-line interface commands.
  • Updated the number of messages stored in the error message queue from four to eight.
  • Updated the topic about scrubbing to provide clarity about partial reconfiguration, uncorrectable error alerts, and scrubbing priority.
  • Updated the topic about setting up the SEU mitigation features to enable fault injection.
  • Added sections for:
    • SEU sensitivity processing, including on-chip and off-chip lookup.
    • Sensitivity map header programming, lookup, and Sensitivity Map Header Revision 4 file format.
    • Design hierarchy sensitivity classification, assignment, and tagging.
    • Evaluation of system response to upsets.
    • Constraining regions for fault injection.
    • Injecting errors to random or specific locations.
    • Injecting double adjacent errors.
    • Updated the off-chip sensitivity processing ports information of the Advanced SEU Detection IP.
2019.10.17 19.3 Initial release.