Intel® Agilex™ SEU Mitigation User Guide

ID 683128
Date 12/30/2022

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4.6.5. Injecting Errors to Specific Locations

To inject errors to specific locations, use the quartus_fid command-line interface tool.
In the command-line interface, run the quartus_fid command with the following syntax:
quartus_fid -–cable=<cable_num> --index=@<device_num>=<sof_file> --number=<n> --user="@<device_num>=<sector_location> <frame_location> <bit_location>"

Examples of the quartus_fid Command

  • quartus_fid --cable=1 --index=@2=abc.sof --number=1 --user="@2=0x003c 0x000d 0x0269"
  • quartus_fid -c 1 -i @2=abc.sof -n 1 -u "@2=0x003c 0x000d 0x0269"