AN 778: Intel® Stratix® 10 L-Tile/H-Tile Transceiver Usage

ID 683086
Date 6/24/2022
Document Table of Contents

2.1.3. GXT Channels

For more information on different channel types and the datarates supported by them, please refer to table "Channel Types" in L-Tile and H-Tile Overview.

Figure 21.  Intel® Stratix® 10 L-Tile GXT Channel Location
Figure 22.  Intel® Stratix® 10 H-Tile GXT Channel Location
Figure 23. GXT and GX Channel Placement Example for L-Tile
Figure 24. GXT and GX Channel Placement Example for H-Tile
Figure 25. GXT and GX Channel Placement Example with PCIe Interface for H-Tile

Refer to the Intel® Stratix® 10 Device Datasheet for more information about performance specifications.

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