AN 778: Intel® Stratix® 10 L-Tile/H-Tile Transceiver Usage

ID 683086
Date 6/24/2022
Document Table of Contents Bonded Transceiver Channels - Guidelines for VCCR_GXB and VCCT_GXB

Table 2.  Voltage RequirementsFor transceiver channels that require bonding via the x6/x24 transceiver clock networks, refer to this table for specific voltage requirements.
Channel Type Transceiver Link Type Data Rate VCCR_GXB/VCCT_GXB Typical
      Min Typical Max
GX Chip to Chip and Backplane 1 Gbps to 16 Gbps 1 V 1.03 V 1.06 V
16 Gbps to 17.4 Gbps 1.1 V 1.12 V 1.14 V
GXT Chip to Chip and Backplane > 17.4 Gbps N/A (Bonding is not supported)

For non-bonded transceiver channels, refer to the "Transceiver Power Supply Operating Conditions" in the Intel® Stratix® 10 Device Datasheet.