F-tile Architecture and PMA and FEC Direct PHY IP User Guide

ID 683872
Date 4/03/2023

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2.1.1. FHT and FGT PMAs

There are up to four FHT PMAs per F-tile and up to 16 FGT PMAs per F-tile. Four contiguous FGT PMAs can be grouped together to form a quad. See PMA Architecture for details.

See PMA Data Rates for supported data rates.

Table 2.  PMA Quads and Names
PMA Quad PMAs per Tile PMA Names
FHT N/A up to 4 FHT3, FHT2, FHT1, FHT0
FGT Quad3 up to 16 FGT3_Quad3, FGT2_Quad3, FGT1_Quad3, FGT0_Quad3
FGT Quad2 up to 16 FGT3_Quad2, FGT2_Quad2, FGT1_Quad2, FGT0_Quad2
FGT Quad1 up to 16 FGT3_Quad1, FGT2_Quad1, FGT1_Quad1, FGT0_Quad1
FGT Quad0 up to 16 FGT3_Quad0, FGT2_Quad0, FGT1_Quad0, FGT0_Quad0