F-tile Architecture and PMA and FEC Direct PHY IP User Guide

ID 683872
Date 1/25/2023

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3.3.1. General and Common Datapath Options

You can customize your instance of the F-Tile PMA/FEC Direct PHY Intel® FPGA IP by specifying parameter values to suit your application. The parameters are organized in the following sections for each functional block and feature:

Figure 59.  F-Tile PMA/FEC Direct PHY Intel® FPGA IP Parameter Editor
Table 27.   General and Common Datapath Options
Parameter Values Description
Number of system copies 1-16

Specifies the total number of independent system copies.

For example, you can create multiple copies of the same PMA/FEC mode configuration by setting this to value of 2 (or more) and with the same PMA configuration. This is duplicated to create 2 PMA lanes of the same configuration for the given example. Default value is 1.

Common Datapath Options
PMA type


Specifies the type of PMA used. FGT PMA can operate up to 58.125Gbps PMA. FHT PMA can operate up to 116Gbps. Default is FGT.
FGT PMA configuration rules


Selects the protocol configuration rules for the FGT PMA. This parameter governs the rules for correct settings of individual parameters within the PMA. Certain features of the PMA are available only for specific protocol configuration rules. This parameter is not a preset. You must still correctly set all other parameters for your specific protocol and application needs.
Number of PMA lanes 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 16 Specifies the total number of PMA lanes in a bonded group. For example, if the value is 4, this means there are 4 PMA lanes bonded in the same group and share the same bonding clock. A value of 1 means there is no System bonding. Values 6 and 12 supported only for PMA Direct mode. Default value is 1.
Datapath clocking mode


System PLL

Specifies whether the PMA parallel clock or System PLL is used to clock the TX/RX datapath. Use of System PLL is required when Enable RS-FEC is on or dynamic reconfiguration is intended. Default value is System PLL.
System PLL frequency 31.25 to 1000 Specifies the System PLL clock frequency (MHz) and applicable if datapath clocking mode is selected as System PLL. Default value is 830.08 22.
PMA mode


TX Simplex,

RX Simplex

Specifies the PMA operation mode. TX simplex and RX simplex can operate at independent rates. Default value is Duplex.
PMA modulation type PAM4,NRZ Specifies the modulation type used for serial data. Default value is PAM4.

PMA data rate

25781.25 Specifies the PMA data rate in units of Mbps (megabits per second). Default value is 25781.25.
PMA parallel clock frequency Data rate / PMA Width Displays PMA parallel clock frequency which is PMA data rate divided by PMA interface width in MHz. Default value is Data rate / PMA Width. The PMA parallel clock frequency applies to both the Word Clock and Bond Clock.
PMA width 8, 10, 16, 20, 32, 64, 128 Specifies the PMA data width. 128-bit is only supported for FHT. The PMA data width specifies the total number of PMA bond streams (PMA bonding). For example:
  • data width 8, 10, 16, 20 and 32-bit with 1 PMA stream (no PMA bonding)
  • 64-bit with 2 PMA bonded streams
  • 128-bit with 4 PMA bonded streams
Default value is 64.
Enable RX de-skew when available On/Off Enables the RX de-skew feature. This feature is only available in:
  • PMA Direct mode single lane when using PAM4 with PMA width of 64 or 128. Multi-lane when using PAM4 with PMA width of 64 or 128
  • FEC Direct mode 64- or 128-bit (both NRZ and PAM4 enabled). Only supported in multi-lanes (Number of PMA lanes is greater than 1)
Default value is On.
Enable simplified TX data interface On/Off Enables simplified data and control interface between the FPGA and PMA for SATA and USB protocol modes. When the FGT PMA configuration rules parameter is set to SATA or USB, you can enable this option to control the fgt_tx_pma_elecidle port. Refer to TX PMA Control Signals for more information.
Provide separate interface for each PMA On/Off

When On, the PMA/FEC Direct PHY IP presents separate data and clock interfaces for each PMA lane, rather than a wide bus.

Default value is Off. Refer to Signal and Port Reference for a list of signals that are not impacted by this feature.

Note: When the Enable RS-FEC option is on, a separate interface is not available for each PMA by use of the Provide separate interface for each PMA option.
22 Refer to Guidelines for F-Tile Reference and System PLL Clocks Intel FPGA IP Usage for reference clock and system PLL usage.