Intel® MAX® 10 High-Speed LVDS I/O User Guide

ID 683760
Date 10/02/2023
Document Table of Contents Initializing the Soft LVDS IP Core

The PLL locks to the reference clock before the Soft LVDS IP core implements the SERDES blocks for data transfer.

During device initialization the PLL starts to lock to the reference clock and becomes operational when it achieves lock during user mode. If the clock reference is not stable, it corrupts the phase shifts of the PLL output clock. This phase shifts corruption can cause failure and corrupt data transfer between the high-speed LVDS domain and the low-speed parallel domain.

To avoid data corruption, follow these steps when initializing the Soft LVDS IP core:

  1. Assert the pll_areset signal for at least 10 ns.
  2. After at least 10 ns, deassert the pll_areset signal.
  3. Wait until the PLL lock becomes stable.
    After the PLL lock port asserts and is stable, the SERDES blocks are ready for operation.