Intel® MAX® 10 High-Speed LVDS I/O User Guide

ID 683760
Date 10/02/2023
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3.4.5. Guidelines: LVDS Transmitter Logic Placement

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software automatically optimizes the SERDES logic placement to meet the timing requirements. Therefore, you do not have to perform placement constraints on the Soft LVDS IP core logic.

To improve the performance of the Intel® Quartus® Prime Fitter, you can create Logic Lock regions in the device floorplan to confine the transmitter SERDES logic placement.

  • The TCCS parameter is guaranteed per datasheet specification to the entire bank of differential I/Os that are located in the same side. This guarantee applies if the transmitter SERDES logic is placed within the LAB adjacent to the output pins.
  • Constrain the transmitter SERDES logic to the LAB adjacent to the data output pins and clock output pins to improve the TCCS performance.