AN 738: Intel® Arria® 10 Device Design Guidelines

ID 683555
Date 6/30/2017
Document Table of Contents Quartus Prime Configuration Settings

This section covers several configuration options that you can set in the Quartus® Prime software before compilation to generate configuration or programming files. Your board and system design are affected by these settings and pins, so consider them in the planning stages. Set the options on the General category of the Device and Pin Options dialog box

Optional Configuration Pins

You can enable the following optional configuration pins:

  • CLKUSR—The Device initialization clock source option enables you to select which clock source is used for initialization, either the internal oscillator or an external clock provided on the CLKUSR pin. CLKUSR also allow you to drive the AS configuration clock (DCLK) at 100 MHz maximum. You can enable this feature in the General page of the Device and Pins Option dialog box. The CLKUSR pin is also used as the clock for transceiver calibration, and is a mandatory requirement when using transceivers.
  • INIT_DONE—To check if the device has completed initialization and is in user mode, you can monitor the INIT_DONE pin. Enable the INIT_DONE pin with the Enable INIT_DONE output option. During the reset stage, after the device exits POR, and during the beginning of configuration, the INIT_DONE pin is tri-stated and pulled high due to an external pull-up resistor. The INIT_DONE pin is an open-drain output and requires an external pull-up to VCCPGM.
    Table 14.  Optional Configuration Pins Checklist
    Number Done? Checklist Item
    1   Plan the board design to support optional configuration pins CLKUSR and INIT_DONE, as required.

    Restart the Configuration After an Error

You can enable the Auto-restart after configuration error option so that when a configuration error occurs, the device drives nSTATUS low, which resets the device internally. The device releases its nSTATUS pin after a reset time-out period. This enables you to re-initiate the configuration cycle. The nSTATUS pin requires an external 10 kΩ pull-up resistor to VCCPGM.

Table 15.  Restart the Configuration After an Error Checklist
Number Done? Checklist Item
1   Plan board design to use the Auto-restart after configuration error option.