AN 738: Intel® Arria® 10 Device Design Guidelines

ID 683555
Date 6/30/2017
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1.7.2. Device Resource Utilization Reports

Table 55.  Device Resource Utilization Reports Checklist
Number Done? Checklist Item
1   Review resource utilization reports after compilation.

After compilation in the Quartus® Prime software, review the device resource utilization information to determine whether the future addition of extra logic or other design changes introduce fitting difficulties. If your compilation results in a no-fit error, resource utilization information is important so you can analyze the fitting problems in your design.

To determine resource usage, refer to the Flow Summary section of the Compilation Report for a percentage representing the total logic utilization, which includes an estimation of resources that cannot be used due to existing connections or logic use.

For Arria® 10 devices, low logic utilization does not have the lowest ALM utilization possible. In addition, a design that is reported as close to 100% full might still have space for extra logic. The Fitter uses ALUTs in different ALMs, even when the logic can be placed within one ALM, so that it can achieve the best timing and routability results. Logic might be spread throughout the device when achieving these results. As the device fills up, the Fitter automatically searches for logic that can be placed together in one ALM.

More detailed resource information is available by viewing the reports under Resource Section in the Fitter section of the Compilation Report. The Fitter Resource Usage Summary report breaks down the logic utilization information and indicates the number of fully and partially used ALMs, and provides other resource information including the number of bits in each type of memory block. There are also reports that describe some of the optimizations that occurred during compilation. For example, if you use the Quartus® Prime integrated synthesis, the reports under the Optimization Results folder in the Analysis & Synthesis section provide information, including registers that were removed during synthesis. Use this report to estimate device resource utilization for a partial design to ensure that registers were not removed due to missing connections with other parts of the design.