Intel® Arria® 10 or Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX Avalon® Memory-Mapped (Avalon-MM) DMA Interface for PCI Express* Solutions User Guide

ID 683425
Date 6/03/2021
Document Table of Contents

2.3. Simulating the Example Design in ModelSim*

  1. In a terminal, change directory to <workingdir>/pcie_g3x8_integrated_tb/ep_g3x8_avmm256_integrated_tb/sim/mentor.
  2. Start the ModelSim* simulator (invoke vsim).
  3. To run the simulation, type the following commands in a terminal window:
    1. do msim_setup.tcl
    2. ld_debug
      The ld_debug command compiles all design files and elaborates the top-level design without any optimization.
    3. run -all
The simulation performs the following operations:
  • Various configuration accesses after the link is initialized
  • Setup of the DMA controller to read data from the BFM’s shared memory
  • Setup of the DMA controller to write the same data back to the BFM’s shared memory
  • Data comparison and report of any mismatch