Stratix® 10 Embedded Memory User Guide

ID 683423
Date 3/29/2024
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2.4.2. ECC Parity Flip

The ECC parity flip feature dynamically flips the parity value generated in the encoder of M20K blocks to observe the ECC behavior through simulation.

When the ECC Encoder Bypass (eccencbypass) port is high, the built-in ECC encoder values are XOR-ed with the 8 parity bits through the parity ports to generate a new set of encoder value. When the ECC Encoder Bypass port is low, the encoder generates the parity bits according to the data input during a write process.

The following table shows an example to construct an 8-bit data width for the parity port.

Table 5.  Example of Setting the 8-Bit Parity Ports
Parity Bit Sequence ECC Feature Is the ECC Decoder able to Recognize and Correct the Data Bit?
00000001 Single-error correction Yes
00000011 Double-adjacent-error correction Yes
00000111 Triple-adjacent-error correction Yes
00000101 Triple-adjacent-error correction Yes
00010011 Non-adjacent double/triple correction/detection No guarantee