Serial Lite III Streaming Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 683330
Date 11/01/2021

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Document Table of Contents Sink Application Module

The sink application module performs the following functions:

  • Strips the Interlaken protocol bursts encapsulation from the received parallel data stream and sends the data to the sink adaptation module.
  • Decodes idle control words inserted by the source application module when the data stream is not available and indicates the data unavailability at the source by deasserting the output valid signal at the user interface.

The encapsulation stripping process removes burst control words that define the beginning and the end of streaming data bursts from the data stream. This process adjusts the received data stream to repack the data words into a contiguous sequence.

  • In the standard clocking mode (pure streaming), the decoding process checks the received data stream to detect idle control words that the source application module inserts. When the sink application module detects the idle control words, it deasserts the valid signal on the user interface until it receives valid user streaming data.

  • In the advanced clocking mode, the sink application module does not insert or delete any idle words. Instead, the sink application module deasserts the output valid signal to indicate an absence of data coming from the sink adaptation module.