Stratix® 10 SX SoC Development Kit User Guide

ID 683303
Date 6/06/2024
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4.9.3. HPS I2C Interface

HPS I2C interface is assigned to HPS GPIO IO1, IO6 and IO7. HPS I2C controller can scan the board and collect MAC address, board temperature and power data of FPGA. A control signal generated by MAX10 system controller is used to enable HPS I2C system port .

Table 47.  I2C Device Address
Type Address Device
HPS I2C Address 0x14 LTC2497 ADC
0x74 SI5341 Clock Generator
0x51 24LC32A EEPROM
0x5C DS1339C RTC
0x4C MAX1619 TEMP
0x70 SI5338 Clock Generator
0x73 SI5338 EMIF Clock Generator
0x47 LTC3884 Core power Controller
0x43 LTM4677 VCCR Power Controller
0x42 LTM4677 VCCERAM_HPS Power controller
0x46 LTM4677 VCCPT_VCCT Power controller
0x4E LTM4676A 3.3V power controller
FPGA I2C Address 0x70 SFP+
0x70 ZQSFP+ port 0/1
0x00 LMK05028 Clock Cleaner
0x65 LMH1983 SDI clock generator
0x73 HDMI port
Figure 28. HPS I2C Interface