Intel® Quartus® Prime Pro Edition User Guide: Design Compilation

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Date 12/04/2023
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2.5. Analysis & Elaboration Flow

The Analysis & Elaboration compilation flow provides a complete and unmodified view of your design early in the compilation flow. It serves as a platform to better analyze your design and improve it. With this feature, the monolithic Analysis & Synthesis stage splits into Analysis & Elaboration and Synthesis stages.

This flow allows you to access the preview modes of the Analysis & Elaboration stage, as shown in the following image:

Figure 6. Analysis & Elaboration Checkpoints

The Analysis & Elaboration stage is composed of a series of checkpoints, and you can preview your design at each checkpoint as shown in Analysis & Elaboration Checkpoints, where:

  1. Elaborated: Provides an unmodified preview of your design captured directly from RTL.
  2. Instrumented: Provides an instrumented preview with system-level debugging (debug fabric and Signal Tap logic analyzer inserted in your design).
  3. Constrained: Provides a design preview with SDC constraints shown on the target nodes.
  4. Swept: Provides a design preview with unnecessary logic removed from your design.

For information about the Synthesis stage, refer to Design Synthesis.

Incompatibility with older software versions

A design compiled with the DNI-based compilation flow is not compatible with the Intel® Quartus® Prime software versions older than 23.3 due to the new DNI database. Ensure the following:

  • If you compile your design with the software version 23.3 and launch the project in the Intel® Quartus® Prime software GUI, a message displays indicating that you compiled your design with a different compilation engine. If you continue to launch the project, then you must recompile the design. This also applies for designs compiled with the Intel® Quartus® Prime software versions older than 23.3.
  • For any partition-based design (for example, Partial Reconfiguration), mixing 23.3 version with 23.2 or older version compilation flow among the user-defined partitions is not supported. You must compile all partitions with the same compilation flow.
  • For version-compatible design export or import feature, a design compiled with and exported from an older Intel® Quartus® Prime version requires the Intel® Quartus® Prime 23.2 or older version. Similarly, the Intel® Quartus® Prime 23.3 version is necessary for version-compatible databases compiled with the DNI flow, and this feature is not supported yet.

Executing Tcl Commands

The Intel® Quartus® Prime software GUI (quartus) and Synthesis tool (quartus_syn) support Tcl commands.

Use one of the following suitable methods to execute your Tcl commands:

Intel® Quartus® Prime Software GUI (quartus)

Perform the following steps in the GUI:

  1. On the Compilation Dashboard, run Analysis & Synthesis > Analysis & Elaboration task to generate the netlist.

  2. Click the magnifier icon to Invoke the RTL Analyzer.
  3. Execute your Tcl command in the Tcl Console .

Synthesis Tool (quartus_syn)
  1. Enable the flow for your project with the following command:
    quartus_syn --analysis_and_elaboration <project_name>
  2. Load your design.
    > quartus_syn -s
    <... Quartus Info Message...>
    tcl> project_open top
    tcl> dni::load_design -checkpoint elaborated
  3. Execute your Tcl commands:
    tcl> foreach_in_collection p [dni::get_pins -of_objects [dni::get_cells inst_1|out_1]] {puts [dni::get_property -name name -object $p]}
    tcl> foreach_in_collection p [dni::get_pins -of_objects [dni::get_cells inst_1|out_1]] {puts [dni::get_property -name direction -object $p]}