AN 773: Drive-On-Chip Design Example for Intel® MAX® 10 Devices

ID 683072
Date 4/22/2021
Document Table of Contents

7.9.1. DC-DC Control Simulink Models

The Drive-On-Chip Design Example includes three MATLAB Simulink models, which lead step by step from offline simulation to HDL code generation while maintaining the numerical simulation results.

The models are:

  • lvdcdc_simpower.slx where the power electronics simulate in SimScape and the PI control loops in Simulink standard blocks
  • lvdcdc_2phase_hwsim.slx is similar to lvdcdc_simpower.slx but the power electronics simulate in standard Simulink blocks, not SimScape
  • lvdcdc_adsp_vhdl.slx is like lvdcdc_2phase_hwsim.slx but the algorithm is implemented using DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs so that you can generate HDL code.
Figure 31. DC-DC Converter Linear MATLAB ModelThe figure shows the linear MATLAB model (lvdcdc_simpower.slx). The linear model cannot generate VHDL, but you create it to provide a rapid simulation to develop control dynamics and determine controller gains.
Figure 32. DC-DC Converter: DC bus Voltage, Inductor Currents, Motor Load Current (stimulus)The figure shows the linear MATLAB model (lvdcdc_simpower.slx) and simulation.
Figure 33. DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs Top-level ModelThe DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs model (lvdcdc_adsp_vhdl.slx) performs the same simulation as above, but includes DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs blocks that allow simulation of VHDL and auto-generation of VHDL code.

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