AN 839: Design Block Reuse Tutorial: for Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA Development Board

ID 683783
Date 7/26/2019
Document Table of Contents

1.7. Root Partition Reuse—Consumer Tutorial

Follow the steps in this tutorial module to reuse a root partition in a Consumer project.

Process Description

As a root partition Consumer, you receive the final top-level, placed, and routed root partition from the Developer. The Developer reserves a core partition for subsequent development by the Consumer. The Consumer completes the final design by adding the root partition and integrating with their own logic.

Figure 20. Root Partition Reuse File Exchange

The following figure shows the RTL view of the Consumer's blinking_led partition. The Developer compiles and exports the final snapshot as a .qdb file. The Consumer adds their own logic to the reserved core partition.

Figure 21. Consumer's RTL View of blinking_led Partition

Finally, the Consumer integrates their logic with the files from the Developer to create the final image.

Figure 22. RTL View of the Integrated Developer and Consumer Partitions

Since the root partition .qdb includes final placement and routing information for the partition, the placement and routing is identical in the Consumer project, with the exception of clock signals that may be global signals.

Completed Files

The Root_Partition_Reuse/Completed/Consumer/ tutorial directory contains the completed files for this tutorial module.

Tutorial Module Steps

This tutorial module includes the following steps:

Command-Line Alternative Tutorial Step

You can skip Step 1: Add the SDC and Root Partition through Step 2: Compile the Design in this tutorial module by adding the following lines to the .qsf, and then running the Root_Partition_Reuse/Consumer/Script/ script.

set_global_assignment -name SDC_FILE top.sdc

set_instance_assignment -name QDB_FILE_PARTITION \
     root_partition.qdb -to | -entity top