AN 839: Design Block Reuse Tutorial: for Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA Development Board

ID 683783
Date 7/26/2019
Document Table of Contents

1.6. Root Partition Reuse—Developer Tutorial

Follow the steps in this tutorial module to develop a root partition for reuse.

Process Description

As a root partition Developer, you create, compile, and eventually export a top-level root partition that includes the device periphery. The Developer also reserves a core partition for subsequent development of core logic in the Consumer project.

Figure 15. Root Partition Reuse Flow

The Developer fully compiles this design and then provides the root partition .qdb and an .sdc file for the top-level design.

The following figure shows the Developer's root partition with a placeholder for the blinking_led module. For this tutorial, blinking_led simply ties the outputs to 4’b1111 to turn off the LEDs.

Figure 16.  RTL View of Developer's Root Partition

Completed Tutorial Files

The Root_Partition_Reuse/Completed/Developer/ tutorial directory contains the completed files for this tutorial module.

Command-Line Alternative Tutorial Step

You can skip Step 1: Create a Reserved Core Partition through Step 3: Compile and Export the Root Partition in this tutorial module by adding the following lines to the .qsf, and then running the Root_Partition_Reuse/Developer/Script/ script.

set_instance_assignment -name PARTITION blinking_led \
     -to u_blinking_led -entity top
set_instance_assignment -name PERIPHERY_REUSE_CORE ON -to \
     u_blinking_led -entity top
set_instance_assignment -name PLACE_REGION \
     "X63 Y102 X185 Y162" -to u_blinking_led
set_instance_assignment -name RESERVE_PLACE_REGION ON -to \
set_instance_assignment -name CORE_ONLY_PLACE_REGION ON \
     -to u_blinking_led
set_instance_assignment -name REGION_NAME u_blinking_led -to \
set_instance_assignment -name ROUTE_REGION \
     "X63 Y102 X185 Y162" -to u_blinking_led
set_instance_assignment -name EXPORT_PARTITION_SNAPSHOT_FINAL \
     root_partition.qdb -to | -entity top