AN 839: Design Block Reuse Tutorial: for Intel® Arria® 10 FPGA Development Board

ID 683783
Date 7/26/2019
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1.4.4. Step 4: Copy Files to Consumer Project

After exporting the core partition and creating the black box file, you copy the files to the Consumer project directory for subsequent use in the Core Partition Reuse—Consumer Tutorial.
Manually copy the blinking_led.qdb and files to the Core_Partition_Reuse/Consumer/ directory.
Note: There is no requirement to pass an .sdc file for the partition to the Consumer project, because the .sdc does not influence the logic, placement, or routing of a finalized partition in the Consumer project. However, the Developer can optionally provide an .sdc file for the partition to the Consumer project for timing analysis of the partition after complete integration with the Consumer design.

In the Core Partition Reuse—Consumer Tutorial, you integrate the blinking_led.qdb and files into the Consumer project.