AN 822: Intel® FPGA Configuration Device Migration Guideline

ID 683340
Date 4/29/2020
Document Table of Contents IP Core Regeneration Guideline

To regenerate the IP core and programming file with the correct settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Regenerate the desired IP cores.
    1. If you use the sector protect feature:
      • For EPCQ4A, EPCQ16A, and EPCQ32A—ensure the status register bit [6:5] is set to 0.
      • For EPCQ64A—ensure the status register bit [6] is set to 0.
    2. For EPCS128 to EPCQ128A migration—sector erase must comply to the sector size of EPCQ128A.
      Note: Sector size for EPCS128 and EPCQ128A are 2Mb and 512kb respectively.
  2. Recompile the configuration bitstream to obtain the .sof file.