AN 822: Intel® FPGA Configuration Device Migration Guideline

ID 683340
Date 4/29/2020
Document Table of Contents

1.2.2. Programming File Compatibility

Note: This section describes programming file compatibility for designs without Intel® FPGA IP cores.

List of supported programming files:

  • Programmer Object File (.pof)
  • JTAG Indirect Configuration File (.jic)
  • Raw Programming Data (.rpd)
  • STAPL File (.jam/.jbc)
  • Serial Vector Format (.svf)
Note: Compression and encryption would not affect the programming file compatibility.
Table 3.  Programming File Compatibility Guide
Note: For designs that do not contain IP cores which interface with the configuration device, depending upon the FPGA family and configuration scheme implemented, the existing programming files may be compatible with EPCQ-A devices without the need to regenerate the programming files.
Device Family Original Configuration Device Configuration Device Density Programming Files supported Disable EPCS/EPCQ ID check Setting Compatible with EPCQ-A2 3
Legacy FPGA devices EPCS 64Mb & below .pof/.jic/.rpd/.jam/.jbc Any Yes
.svf Any Yes 4
128Mb .pof/.jic/.rpd Any Yes 5
.svf Any Yes4
.jam/.jbc Any No 6
EPCQ Any .pof/.jic/.rpd/.jam/.jbc On 7 Yes
.svf On7 Yes4
Cyclone® V, Arria® V, and Stratix® V devices EPCS 64Mb & below .pof/.jic/.rpd/.jam/.jbc On 8 Yes
.svf On8 Yes4
128Mb .pof/.jic/.rpd On8 Yes5
.svf On8 Yes4
.jam/.jbc Any No6
EPCQ9 Any Any Any No

Refer to IP Core and Programming File Migration Guideline for more information about guidelines on incompatible programming files.

2 Table assumes other compatibility considerations are satisfied.
3 Table assumes the programming files do not contain any ASMI Parallel IP or Serial Flash Loader IP.
4 Only supported for .svf files generated for EPCS devices to be used to program an EPCQ-A, and not the other way round.
5 In .rpd file, the binary data is the same between EPCS128 and EPCQ128A. However due to different sector size, a proper erasing procedure is required when programming each device.
6 Due to different sector size, the .jam/.jbc file is different between EPCS and EPCQ.
7 In Intel® Quartus® Prime version 15.1 or later, automatic mode turns on this option automatically.
8 Other than Intel® Quartus® Prime version 13.0 to 15.0, automatic mode turns on this option automatically.
9 EPCQ programming files are not compatible with EPCQ-A in AS x1 or AS x4 modes.