AN 822: Intel® FPGA Configuration Device Migration Guideline

ID 683340
Date 4/29/2020
Document Table of Contents Programming File Regeneration Guideline

To regenerate the programming file with the correct settings, perform the following steps:

  1. Convert the .sof file to the desired programming file in the Intel® Quartus® Prime Convert Programing File tool and ensure that you:
    • Select the correct EPCQ-A device you are migrating to.
    • Enable the Disable EPCS/EPCQ ID check option. This option is available in the Advanced Option settings of the Convert Programming File tool in Intel® Quartus® Prime software.
    • For migration from EPCS devices—Select AS x1 configuration mode.
  2. Program the programming file into EPCQ-A device using Intel® Quartus® Prime Programmer.