AN 798: Partial Reconfiguration with the Arria 10 HPS

ID 683034
Date 1/25/2017
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Steps to Create a New Device Tree

In this example, to create a new device tree, you clone the source code repository and make the default device tree for the SoC FPGA with SD card boot. To make the device tree, type the following commands.

  1. git clone
  2. cd socfpga-linux
  3. git checkout -b socfpga-4.1.33-ltsi origin/socfpga-4.1.33-ltsi 2
  4. ~/intelFPGA/16.1/embedded/
  5. export ARCH=arm
  6. export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-altera-eabi-
  7. make socfpga_defconfig
  8. make socfpga_arria10_socdk_sdmmc.dtb
  9. cp arch/arm/boot/dts/socfpga_arria10_socdk_sdmmc.dtb ./
2 This step ensures that you are using the correct kernel version.