AN 798: Partial Reconfiguration with the Arria 10 HPS

ID 683034
Date 1/25/2017
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Loading Partial Reconfiguration Designs Using Linux

To perform partial reconfiguration, software must carry out the following steps:

  1. For components in the region to be reprogrammed, shut down all driver instances.
  2. Use the PR controller to freeze the interfaces to the PR region.
  3. Use the FPGA manager to load the persona bit stream.
  4. Release bridges surrounding PR region from reset.
  5. Instantiate drivers for components inside the PR region.

This example shows how to modify a GSRD image for an SD card. The GSRD image, including the HPS bootloader and Linux, loads the new default complete FPGA configuration image and supports loading the two PR region personas created in earlier steps.

When adding overlays to the GSRD, you must also update the base device tree, used by the Linux kernel to boot. The base device tree is in the kernel source.