F-Tile Triple-Speed Ethernet Intel® FPGA IP User Guide

ID 741328
Date 4/15/2024
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10.6.6. tse_mac_close()

Prototype: int tse_mac_close(int iface)
Thread-safe: No
Available from ISR: No
Include: <triple_speed_ethernet_iniche.h>
Description: The tse_mac_close() closes the Triple-Speed Ethernet driver by performing the following operations:
  • Configure the admin and operation status of the NET structure of the Triple-Speed Ethernet driver instance to ALTERA_TSE_ADMIN_STATUS_DOWN.
  • De-register the SGDMA RX interrupt from the operating system.
  • Clear the RX_ENA bit in the command_config register to disable the RX datapath.
Parameter: iface—The index of the MAC interface. This argument is reserved for configurations that contain multiple MAC instances.
Return: SUCCESS if the close operations are successful. 
An error code if de-registration of SGDMA RX from the operating system failed.
See also: triple_speed_ethernet_init()