HDMI PHY Intel FPGA IP User Guide

ID 732147
Date 10/31/2022
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7.3.1. RX-Only and TX-Only Use Cases

In the TX-only and RX-only use cases, the unused configuration buses can be removed from the PHY Arbiter by unchecking the appropriate Enable in the PHY Arbiter configuration parameters, as shown in the following figures.

Note that RX-only means only the RX part of the particular transceiver is used and the TX is unused, and vice versa for TX-only. A design could have an RX PHY and Arbiter in RX only on one group of transceivers as well as a TX PHY and another Arbiter in TX only on a different group of transceivers.

Figure 11. RX-Only PHY and Arbiter Configuration and Connection
Figure 12. TX-Only PHY and Arbiter Configuration and Connection

The XCVR_RECONFIG_GROUP .qsf assignments are not necessary in this use case.