HDMI PHY Intel FPGA IP User Guide

ID 732147
Date 10/31/2022
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7.2. IP Configuration Parameters

Separate reconfiguration interfaces are enabled when the transceiver merging requires the complex straddling of channels. Refer to the Complex Straddled Channels section for more information.
Table 50.  TX PHY Configuration Parameters
Parameter Value Description
Enable Separate Configuration Interfaces On, Off This splits each combined rx/txphy_rcfg_master and rx/txphy_rcfg_slave conduit into separate conduits, one for each transceiver channel. The purpose of this is to allow complex transceiver merging. Refer Complex Straddled Channels.
Enable Tx On, Off Enables txphy_rcfg_master and txphy_rcfg_slave conduits. Turn off if no TX is required. Refer RX Only and TX Only Use Cases.
Enable Rx On, Off Enables rxphy_rcfg_master and rxphy_rcfg_slave conduits. Turn off if no RX is required. Refer RX Only and TX Only Use Cases.
Transceiver Lanes 1, 2, 3, 4 Select the number of txphy and rxphy channels to be arbitrated. This is used where overlapping HDMI Channels require multiple PHY arbiters. Refer Overlapping HDMI Channels Requiring multiple PHY Arbiters figure.