HDMI PHY Intel FPGA IP User Guide

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Date 10/31/2022
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5.2.3. IP Ports

Table 22.  HDMI RX PHY Intel FPGA IP Ports
Interface Port Type Clock Domain Port Direction Description
reset Reset reset Input Main asynchronous reset
mgmt_clk Clock mgmt_clk Input Free-running system clock input (100 MHz)
rx_tmds_clk Clock rx_tmds_clk Input This clock frequency follows TMDS clock frequency. This clock is connected to the TMDS clock input from the HDMI sink connector
i2c_clk Clock i2c_clk Input Clock input for i2c (100 MHz)
systempll_clk Clock systempll_clk Input

Reference clock to RX Transceiver System PLL Clock (100 MHz). This clock is driven by F-tile Reference and System PLL clock IP output

rx_phy_cdr_refclk_frl Clock rx_phy_cdr_refclk_frl Input

Reference clock to RX Transceiver for FRL (100 MHz). This clock is driven by F-tile Reference and System PLL clock IP output

rx_phy_cdr_refclk_tmds Clock rx_phy_cdr_refclk_tmds Input

Reference clock to RX Transceiver for TMDS. This clock is driven by F-tile Reference and System PLL clock IP output. Frequency depends on TMDS Clock frequency

rxphy_rcfg_master Avalon memory-mapped mgmt_clk rxphy_rcfg_master_write Output Avalon memory-mapped interface for reconfiguration of transceivers – connects to PHY Arbiter
rxphy_rcfg_master_read Output
rxphy_rcfg_master_address[9:0] Output
rxphy_rcfg_master_writedata[31:0] Output
rxphy_rcfg_master_readdata[31:0] Input
rxphy_rcfg_master_readdatavalid Input
rxphy_rcfg_master_waitrequest Input
av_mm_control Avalon memory-mapped mgmt_clk av_mm_control_write Input Avalon memory-mapped interface for control of IP core.
mgmt_clk av_mm_control_read Input
mgmt_clk av_mm_control_address [7:0] Input
mgmt_clk av_mm_control_writedata [31:0] Input
mgmt_clk av_mm_control_readdata [31:0] Output
rx_serial_data Conduit rx_phy_clk rx_serial_data[3:0] Input HDMI serial RX data stream
rx_serial_data_n Conduit rx_phy_clk rx_serial_data_n[3:0] Input HDMI serial RX data stream (negative polarity)
phy_interface Conduit rx_frl_clk Output Clock to FRL path on the RX core. Refer to Section 5.5 FRL Clocking Scheme of HDMI Intel FPGA IP Core User Guide for more details
rx_phy_clk [3:0] Output Clock out recovered from RX transceiver
rx_phy_clk rx_parallel_data[159:0] Output RX parallel data. 40 Bits per associated rx_phy_clk (i.e.rx_parallel_data[39:0] with rx_phy_clk[0], rx_parallel_data [79:40] with rx_phy_clk[1], etc)
mgmt_clk rx_os Output ‘0’ =>rx_parallel_data is not oversampled.

‘1’ => oversampling ratio of 5

hdmi_5v_detect_n Input HDMI RX 5V detect and hotplug detect. Refer to the Sink Interfaces section in the HDMI Intel FPGA IP User Guide for more information
rx_5v_detect Output
device_ready Input Reset release IP signal indicates readiness of device upon power up
mgmt_clk sys_init Output Indicates readiness of reconfiguration management
mgmt_clk rx_tmds_freq [23:0] Output TMDS Frequency calculated by reconfiguration management block
mgmt_clk rx_tmds_freq_valid Output
mgmt_clk rx_phy_ready Output Indicates readiness of transceivers
mgmt_clk rx_core_in_lock Output Indicates all transceivers locked
mgmt_clk rxphy_rcfg_master_new_cfg_applied_ack Output Reconfiguration control registers
mgmt_clk rxphy_rcfg_busy Output
mgmt_clk rxphy_rcfg_curr_profile_id [14:0] Input
mgmt_clk rxphy_rcfg_master_new_cfg_applied Input
mgmt_clk rxphy_cal_busy_gated [3:0] Input
mgmt_clk rx_pll_tmds_locked Output Not used. To be cleaned up in a future release
mgmt_clk rx_pll_frl_locked Output Indicate FRL IOPLL is locked
mgmt_clk rx_core_locked Input Indicates connected HDMI RX Intel FPGA IP has achieved alignment lock
mgmt_clk pll_vid_clk_locked Input Indicates Video Clock IOPLL is locked
mgmt_clk rx_core_frl_locked [3:0] Input Indicates connected HDMI RX Intel FPGA IP has achieved FRL lock
mgmt_clk rx_core_frl_rate [3:0] Input

0 = TMDS

1 = 3000Mbps (3 lane)

2 = 6000Mbps (3 lane)

3 = 6000Mbps (4 lane)

4 = 8000Mbps (4 lane)

5 = 10000Mbps (4 lane)

6 = 12000Mbps (4 lane)

mgmt_clk rx_core_tmds_bit_clock_ratio Input

‘0’=> rx_tmds_clk = 1/10 serial data rate;

‘1’ => rx_tmds_clk = 1/40 serial data rate