AN 866: Mitigating and Debugging Single Event Upsets in Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition

ID 683869
Date 9/28/2021
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1.6.1. SEU FIT Parameters Report

The SEU FIT Parameters report shows the environmental assumptions that influence the FIT/Mb values.
Figure 5. SEU FIT Parameters
  • Altitude represents the default altitude (above sea-level).
  • Neutron Flux Multiplier is the relative flux for the default location, which is New York City per JESD specification. The default is 1. Change the setting by adding the following assignment to your .qsf file:
    set_global_assignment -name RELATIVE_NEUTRON_FLUX <relative_flux>
    Note: You can compute scaled values using the JESD published equations for altitude, latitude, and longitude. Websites, such as, can make this computation for you.
  • Alpha Flux is the default for standard Intel packages; you cannot override the default.
    Note: When you change the relative Neutron Flux Multiplier, the Intel® Quartus® Prime software only scales the neutron component of FIT. Location does not affect the Alpha flux.