AN 866: Mitigating and Debugging Single Event Upsets in Intel® Quartus® Prime Standard Edition

ID 683869
Date 9/28/2021
Document Table of Contents

1.5.2. Designating the Sensitivity of the Design Hierarchy

In the Intel® Quartus® Prime software, you indicate the criticality of each logic block by generating partitions, and assigning a sensitivity ID tag to each partition. The Intel® Quartus® Prime software stores this information in a Sensitivity Map Header File (.smh).

When an error occurs during system operation, the system determines the impact of the error by looking up the classification in the .smh file. The system can then take corrective action based on the classification.

Note: You must have a licensed version of Intel® Quartus® Prime software to generate .smh files.

To access the .smh file, you must add an instance of the IP core to your design.