SDI IP Core User Guide

ID 683587
Date 8/20/2020
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3.3. Transceiver

The transceiver deserializes the high-speed serial input.

For HD-SDI, the CDR function performs the deserialization and locks the receiver PLL to the receiver data.

For SD-SDI, the transceiver provides a fixed frequency oversample of the serial data with the receiver PLL constantly locked to a reference clock, which allows the transceiver to support the 270-Mbps data rate.

The transceiver can process either SD-SDI or HD-SDI data. The data rate can be automatically detected so that the interface can handle both SD-SDI and HD-SDI without the need for device reconfiguration.

Features Supported devices
Two transmitter PLLs per quad.

Each quad allows two independent transmitter rates. Receivers in a quad share a common training clock, but have independent receiver PLLs. Because the same training clock is used for SD-SDI and HD-SDI, receivers can accommodate the different standards within a single quad.

Arria II GX, Arria V, Stratix IV GX, and Stratix V
Additional serial reference clock port.

This additional clock port allows you to have two different clock rates for different data rates using a single transceiver block, with the ability to switch between the desired clock rates (for example, 148.5 MHz and 148.35 MHz).

Arria II GX (including Arria II GZ) and Stratix IV GX
Eight regular transceiver channels from the upper and lower quads.

There are four MPLLs and two GPLLs that you can use to clock the transceiver channels. Each receiver in EP4CGX50 and EP4CGX75 devices has a clock divider, which allows one MPLL to drive all the receiver channels. The receiver in EP4CGX110 and EP4CGX150 devices does not have a clock divider, which limits each MPLL to drive only one receiver channel to accommodate the different standards within a single quad.

You must supply two receive reference clocks (for example, 148.5 MHz and 148.35 MHz) to the SDI receiver. Implement the PPM detection function in the user logic to detect the ppm difference between the receive reference clock and the recovered clock. Based on the difference detected, you must switch between the two receive reference clocks by toggling the rx_serial_refclk_clkswitch signal.
Cyclone IV GX devices—EP4CGX30 (F484), EP4CGX50, EP4CGX75, EP4CGX110, and EP4CGX150