Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Pro Edition: Best Practices Guide

ID 683521
Date 12/19/2022
Document Table of Contents

4. OpenCL Kernel Design Best Practices

With the Intel® FPGA SDK for OpenCL™ Offline Compiler technology, you do not need to change your kernel to fit it optimally into a fixed hardware architecture. Instead, the offline compiler customizes the hardware architecture automatically to accommodate your kernel requirements.

In general, you should optimize a kernel that targets a single compute unit first. After you optimize this compute unit, increase performance by scaling the hardware to fill the remainder of the FPGA by increasing the number of compute units. For more information, refer to Multiple Compute Units. The area use of the kernel correlates with the time it takes for hardware compilation. Therefore, to avoid waiting for long hardware compiles, focus on optimizing the performance of your kernel on a single compute unit first.

For important best practices for optimizing kernel performance, including data processing and memory access optimizations, read through the remaining chapters of this guide. The remainder of this chapter covers the following list of additional best practices. Consider implementing the following design practices, if applicable, when your create your kernels.