MAX 10 FPGA Development Kit User Guide

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Date 9/07/2017
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4.8.6. USB to UART

The board uses a USB based UART bridge chip (FT232R) to bridge communication to a host for general software debug for Nios and non-Nios systems. This chip uses TXD and RXD for transmission and reception of data. A mini B plug receptacle is used to minimize board space. The related I/O utilization is implemented in Bank 4.
Table 24.  USB-UART Pin Assignments, Signal Names and Functions
Board Reference (U11) Schematic Signal Name MAX 10 FPGA Pin Number I/O Standard Description
U11.2 UART_TX W18 2.5 V Transmit asynchronous data output
U11.30 UART_RX Y19 2.5 V Receive asynchronous data input