MAX 10 FPGA Development Kit User Guide

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Date 9/07/2017
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4.3.3. Switch and Jumper Settings

This topic is for the MAX® 10 FPGA development kit. This topic shows you how to restore the default factory settings and explains their functions.

The J7 jumper connects the output of potentiometer (POT1.2) to ADC1_CH6. When J7 jumper is on, you can use the potentiometer to provide adjustable voltage (0~2.5 V) to the MAX 10 ADC through ADC1_CH6. When J7 jumper is off, ADC1_CH6 is connected to the 2x10 header as the other ADC channels.

Figure 18. Jumper J7 on the Top of the Board (Detail)

There are two switches on the bottom of the board. SW1 is for user functions, and SW2 allows for booting selection and bypassing some components.

Figure 19. Switches on the Bottom Board (Detail)When a switch is ON, it means the FUNCTION SIGNAL is connected to GND. So it is a LOGIC LOW (0). When switch is OFF, it means the FUNCTION SIGNAL is disconnected from GND. So it is a LOGIC HIGH (1).
Note: The following figure shows the switch labels for the Rev. C board and a note for the Rev. B board. The change of name for SW2.3 is just a name change, not a functional change. Rev. B is labeled MAX10_BYPASS, but it is actually a VTAP bypass.
Table 6.  SW2 DIP Switch Settings (Board Bottom)
Switch Board Label Function Default Position
1 USER_DIPSW4 User defined switch #4, #0/1/2/3 is on SW1. No default function.
2 BOOT_SEL (for Rev. B Board)

CONFIG_SEL (for Rev. C board)
Use this pin to choose CFM0, CFM1 or CFM2 image as the first boot image in dual-image configuration. If the CONFIG_SEL is set to low, the first boot image is CFM0 image. If the CONFIG_SEL pin is set to high, the first boot image is CFM1 or CFM2 image. This pin is read before user mode and before the nSTATUS pin is asserted. LOW

A virtual JTAG device is provided within the On-Board USB-Blaster II, it provides access to diagnostic hardware and board identification information. The device shows up as an extra device on the JTAG chain with ID: 020D10DD. This switch removes the virtual JTAG device from the JTAG chain.

4 HSMC_BYPASSN Use this pin to bypass HSMC from JTAG chain. The default value of this signal is high so HSMC is in the JTAG chain. (However, there is no daughter cards connected to HSMC normally so it would not be detected by JTAG master). When it is set to low, HSMC is bypassed. HIGH