MAX 10 FPGA 10M50 Evaluation Kit User Guide

ID 683447
Date 9/30/2021

2.1. Powering the Kit

You can apply power to the MAX 10 FPGA Evaluation Kit by plugging in either the 5V DC power adapter to wall jack, or the USB cable to your PC. For low-power design, USB cable connection is suggested, and it can easily provide both power and on-board USB Blaster connection. For high-power design, 5V DC adapter solution is preferred to ensure device performance.

The board includes one Jumper (J11) for power option selection. When use DC power adapter, J11 needs to be placed at Position 1 and 2; while for using USB power, J11 needs to be placed at Position 2 and 3.

Resistors (R292 and R293) can be populated and used in place of the jumper if you want to hard wire the power option.

When powered correctly, D9, D10 and D11 will light.

Resistors R292 and R293 are designed for hard wiring the power selection. J11 must not be used when either R292 or R293 is populated.

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