Intel® MAX™ 10 Embedded Memory User Guide

ID 683431
Date 5/05/2023
Document Table of Contents

2.4.1. Port Width Configurations

The following equation defines the port width configuration: Memory depth (number of words) × Width of the data input bus.

  • If your port width configuration (either the depth or the width) is more than the amount an internal memory block can support, additional memory blocks (of the same type) are used. For example, if you configure your M9K as 512 × 36, which exceeds the supported port width, two 512 × 18 M9Ks are used to implement your RAM.
  • In addition to the supported configuration provided, you can set the memory depth to a non-power of two, but the actual memory depth allocated can vary. The variation depends on the type of resource implemented.
  • If the memory is implemented in dedicated memory blocks, setting a non-power of two for the memory depth reflects the actual memory depth.
  • When you implement your memory using dedicated memory blocks, refer to the Fitter report to check the actual memory depth.