Intel® MAX™ 10 Embedded Memory User Guide

ID 683431
Date 5/05/2023
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3.2.1. Same-Port Read-During-Write Mode

The same-port read-during-write mode applies to a single-port RAM or the same port of a true dual-port RAM.

Table 9.  Output Modes for Embedded Memory Blocks in Same-Port Read-During-Write ModeThis table lists the available output modes if you select the embedded memory blocks in the same-port read-during-write mode.
Output Mode Description
"new data"


The new data is available on the rising edge of the same clock cycle on which the new data is written.

When using New Data mode together with byte enable, you can control the output of the RAM:

  • When byte enable is high, the data written into the memory passes to the output (flow-through).
  • When byte enable is low, the masked-off data is not written into the memory and the old data in the memory appears on the outputs.

Therefore, the output can be a combination of new and old data determined by byteena.

"don't care"

The RAM outputs reflect the old data at that address before the write operation proceeds.
Figure 8. Same-Port Read-During-Write: New Data Mode
Figure 9. Same Port Read-During-Write: Old Data Mode